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Adult learning (including students) necessitates an early learning orientation, where the learning community needs to understand the learning objectives and build a joint agreement about the rules of the game that all parties in the learning community must obey. Thus, all members of this learning community must be committed to a standard agreement. Therefore, this session will discuss Orientation and Lecture Contracts.

This Orientation applies to several courses listed below. You can browse the details of the lecture material as follows:

1.Keimanan dan Kemanusiaan
2.Ibadah dan Muammalah
3.Kemuhammadiyahan dan Keaisyiyahan
4.Islam dan Sains

As a form of adult learning, we need to build a consensus on how this class is managed. To facilitate efforts to build this consensus, a Lecture Contract Form is provided. This form contains several points of consensus among the learning communities here. Through this form, each learner can also propose various things about managing this class. Filling in the Lecture Contract Form can be done via the following link:

At every meeting, every member should not be present in class with an empty mind. Therefore, every learning citizen must prepare his mind before being involved in each of these lecture classes. Read in advance each teaching material provided on this website before the meeting takes place because in every meeting there is always a QUIZ to add to your points.

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